Pencastle Books: Publisher of

fantasy, superheroes & Horror

Pencastle Books is a publishing imprint dedicated to bringing readers the best in fantasy, heroic fiction & horror.


Established in 2015 as the self-publishing imprint of Nick Marsden, Pencastle Books allows Nick to work his craft in his three chosen genres: fantasy, superheroes, and horror. It also provides a platform for him to grow his audience and present services to fellow authors. The stories we publish are built on the 3-Dimensional Story model developed by Nick over the past several years.

Full disclosure: Nick is Pencastle Books’ only author. However, he has three distinct writing personas, each of whom works in one of Pencastle’s three different genres: fantasy, superheroes & horror.


Nick Marsden’s books are traditional fantasy tales of mighty warriors and powerful magics

Alec Gunn writes superhero and sci-fi stories featuring superheroes and the villains who task them

Nathan Marks is a screenwriter and novelist who specializes in supernatural thrillers and horror.

We are not currently accepting new authors… at least not until Nick has another personality schism.

fantasy - Nick Marsden
heroic fiction - Alec Gunn
horror - Nathan Marks