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Fantasy works of Nick Marsden

fantasy works

The Light of Theolan

Gods of Sun, Earth, and Moon – Season 1

As Braden is held prisoner by those who revere him, Brynn lives among those who do not want her. Little do they know that they will each play a part in a war thousands of years in the making. An ancient covenant has been broken. The seals holding the dark god Selen prisoner are failing. The Light of the sun-god Theolan has been turned to darker purposes. Can the intervention of a weakened Earth Mother bring the Light back to the righteous? Or will the god of darkness rise again to destroy Braden, Brynn, and all of the Mother’s children?

The Servant of Aeve

Gods of Sun, Earth, and Moon – Season 2

When Braden’s uncle, Thalas Strombridge, is taken by mysterious forces, he will join a desperate quest of rescue that could turn to revenge if Thalas’s daughter has her way. Meanwhile, Brynn is on the cusp of motherhood, but her child may be the last nail in her coffin. To survive, Braden must find the Light of Theolan within himself, while Brynn must seek out the mortal form of the Goddess she serves. Both are pursued by the servants of the Dark under the deathly gaze of the Eye of Night. As the last seal on Selen’s prison is targeted by the corrupt forces led by Jarid Geros, can the last children of Geron summon the strength of the Gods of Sun and Earth, or will they fall to the might of the dark god and his pale Eye?

fantasy works
fantasy works

The Legacy of Shatara

According to the Canticles of the Aramzin, five gods took human form and defeated the creature known as the Necromancer. The Aramzin were never heard from again.

A thousand years later, Covan Korish, a warrior of savage renown, fights a personal war of vengeance against foreign invaders in the town of Shatara. But just when Shatara is overwhelmed by the enemy, Covan is sent away on a mission that will bring him face to face with the Necromancer’s successor.

Horrific Tales of Nathan Marks

The Great Walker

The Edge of Night – Book 1

A nameless, young monk-in-training botches the most important test of his life and unleashes the demon that has haunted the nightmares of the Order for two-thousand years. To stop it, he must find the inner-strength to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name the Order of the Night.

horrific tales
horrific tales

Blood Fury

The Edge of Night – Book 2

When a vampire begins to turn a young girl into a creature of Night, Brother Last takes it upon himself to save her. But to do so, he must first deal with the demon within himself. Can Last control the Great Walker’s power, or will the Walker get its final revenge on the Order?

Heroic stories of Alec Gunn


Heroes of FORCE, Book 1

When 16 year-old loner, Eric Sumner, manifests impossible powers that seem to break the laws of physics, he becomes a target not just for the new coalition government, but also of a super-powered bully and a mysterious homeless man with a dangerous secret.

Eric’s powers may be spectacular, but do they really make him UNTOUCHABLE?

heroic stories
heroic stories


Heroes of FORCE, Book 2

Stay tuned for the exciting sequel to Untouchable. Coming to Amazon soon!